Pelican Girl VIP Club

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  1. Automatic Enrollment in the Program
    If you're currently a VIP Club Member, you are automatically enrolled. Life's too complicated to mess with enrollment forms, don't you think? New customers start earning Pelican Bucks automatically too with your first order. Easy Peasy!

  2. Earning Reward Certificates
    We like to make things easy. You'll earn a $10 Pelican Bucks Reward Certificate with every $400 in purchases. Simple as that. No silly points to keep track of.

  3. Redeeming Rewards
    That's easy too. If you're shopping in store or over the phone, our sales staff will be notified automatically that you have a Pelican Bucks Certificate in your account and will deduct the Pelican Bucks instantly from your total. On-line shoppers? We will automatically deduct the reward certificate on your next order. Yep! It's just that easy!

  4. Double Rewards and Other Perks
    We'll show you our love in other ways too. You'll receive occasional opportunities for Double Pelican Bucks or even earn instant Pelican Bucks. We love little surprises, and we hope you do too!