Welcome to the Lilly Pulitzer Hot House - 1st Delivery of Resort Fall 2016

Welcome to the Lilly Pulitzer Hot House - 1st Delivery of Resort Fall 2016

Posted by Angela Kloote; with information from the Lilly Pulitzer Marketing Team on Jul 11th 2016

Don't let the word "Fall" fool you. In this first delivery of Resort Fall, the Lilly Pulitzer design team's Palm Beach perspective is inspired by the hot and humid jungles that take over the backyards. The fauna is rich with greens peeking through to blue skies. Flora is wickedly bright and steeped with pink and coral. The only place to escape the sun is under lush layers of palm and bougainvillea. No worries once the temperatures start falling, this collection was made to be layered. 

Mid-July is TRUE SUMMER. Think easy, soft styling. Throw on and go styles but yet so very Palm Beach Chic. There are lots of yummy prints to excite everyone's fancy. 

Here's some of the Pelican Girls Favorite Prints for this delivery:

      Exotic Garden

Leave the GPS at home and find yourself lost in the leaves along with the print team on their trip to Key West. The sun hit various shapes of lush foliage making a palette of color that was unreal - until they made this dream your relality. Lilly's Jungle... where the impossible becomes the "wait...did that just happen" kind of possible. 

      Island Time

Say it with us...when you're on island time, you're on your time. This print transports you to the islands every time you wear it. Sit back, relax, sip your fresh coconut water and enjoy life under these printed palms. 

      Toucan Can

Toucans are one of the print design teams's favorite birds in Lilly's jungle. Their brightly colored beaks and feathers are just asking to be included in a LP signature print.  These happy, dancing toucans know how to turn up to an gathering and make it a PARTY.

      Stay Cool

Don't LEAF them hanging - make sure to high five your feathery friends hidden in the layers of the leaves.  Painted so soft and calming, this print just takes you straight to the calmest, most tranquil waters and mindset. 

      Casa Azul

A little nod to one of our inspirations and favorite colorful artist, Frida, who loved her Blue House.  The print designers visited her show at the lush New York Botanical Gardens and were transported by the beauty of her art.  This floral print captures the spirit of her explosive use of color and artistry. 

      Latitude Adjustment

Shift your latitude and find yourself being fanned by swaying palms fronds (don't forget to keep an eye out for hidden lizards). Batik, a traditional textile technique, lends a fresh take on the leaves we love most this time of year.