It's Psychedelic Sunshine! Devery 2 of Lilly Pulitzer's Resort Fall 2016 just hit the floors...

It's Psychedelic Sunshine! Devery 2 of Lilly Pulitzer's Resort Fall 2016 just hit the floors...

Jul 25th 2016

It's gotten so hot we are hallucinating, let's just go with it" says the Lilly Pulitzer design team.  Prints so vibrant to unleash your wild side with their Palm Beach perspective on August - "we embrace the heat". August is really the VACATION month, allowing the care-free vibe that Palm Beach lives every day to take over.  It's intensely vivid prints and saturated prints, soft hand materials, lots of layering opportunities for later, and some date night dresses. Look -over there - an elephant!

Here's some of the Pelican Girls Favorite Prints for this delivery:

Psychedelic Sunshine ("Multi" background)

Let's SWING.  The swinging 60s, swirly paisley patters and trippy animals and wild shapes inspired the print team for psychedelic print.  Look for lots of critters... look close... tigers, giraffes, and peacocks. Are my eyes playing tricks on me?

Get Trunky ("Bomber Blue" background)

The print team really "Got Trunky" with this one! It's sure to cause a stampede. Decorated elephants line up to show off their look of the season, intricate patterns complemented by fun tassel borders. We can't get enough Elephants and Tassels! Oh, isn' an election year?


Plume Bloom ("Bomber Blue" background)

With the print design team, I've learned to expect the unexpected... does that sound like you too? Lilly's jungle was truly unique - exotic animals, guests of all kinds, and sun-soaked foliage that created a world of fun.  These smiling flamingos take on an air of ease and playfulness - I think they're in the right place.

Light as a Feather ("Multi" background)

Float on, print team! Feel light as a feather and dance the night away in this print.  It's filled with dreamy, beautiful feathers that softly line up to create a vertical printed stripe in the most Lilly way. These are strips that make you look skinny!


Hottie ("Magenta" background)

The print design team found it hard to pick a favorite flower when they were in Palm Beach, but if they HAD to, it would be the orchid.  They hang on palms and banyan trees in every corner. They are happy at home in the manicured gardens of the island, but also thrive in the wild (hint, hint... we can relate).  Whenever they are spotted, ruffled, white, yellow, or fuchsia, we adore them all.